Acceptance Policy

To participate in Hillary’s Hound House programs, your dog or puppy must be:

  • Well-socialized and friendly to people and other dogs.  
  • You must provide proof from your dog’s veterinarian of current age-appropriate vaccinations.  All dogs must have DHLPP (at least 2 rounds), Rabies (if over 6 months) and Bordetella (annually).  Bordetella is an intranasal vaccine for canine cough that should be administered at minimum 7 days prior to boarding. Similar to a flu shot, this vaccine covers only a few strains of canine cough and is not a guarantee of immunity.

Age minimums:

  • A minimum of 8 weeks old for Jumpstart Puppy Training Program
  • 10 weeks old to participate in Puppy Playcare (puppies older than 7 months must have been in their home for at least 2 weeks prior to acceptance in Playcare Program).
  • Your adult dog must be in their current home for at least 1 month (does not apply to Jumpstart Puppy Training Program).

Puppies and dogs applying for Training Camp that have not graduated from the Jumpstart Program must pass our behavior evaluation.  

All of our programs at Hillary’s Hound House are highly interactive because our focus is on socializing and training puppies.  This means your dog or puppy will meet and interact with new people and dogs on a daily basis.