Jumpstart Puppy Program

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Congratulations on your new puppy and Welcome to Jumpstart.

Jumpstart puppies are potty trained early, undergo non-stressful crate training, learn to sit to ask for what they want, lay down, ring bells to go out, race to you when called, walk nicely on a leash, play nicely with other puppies, learn how to greet older dogs appropriately, became fixated on chew toys instead of your shoes, meet strangers happily, enjoy children, travel to new places and more.

Jumpstart takes place at the beautiful Ciel Blue Ranch in Indian Valley, Novato, and at the Hound House.

How Long Does the Jumpstart Program Run?

Jumpstart is a 6-week program that runs Monday through Friday.

What age should my puppy be for Jumpstart?

Your puppy’s development during the first 4 months of his life will accelerate dramatically so this is the time you want to begin socialization and training.  Jumpstart can begin as early as 8 or 9 weeks of age, but is also ideal for older puppies.

 What does the Jumpstart program include?

The Jumpstart program includes:

  1. Daylong training and socialization at our ranch in Indian Valley and at the Hound House in San Rafael
  2. Weekly Saturday Classes in a variety of locations including:
    Marin Country Mart in Larkspur
    McGinnis Park
    Hound House

 Can you work with my schedule (travel, interruptions)?

We can accommodate travel schedules and interruptions as these don’t seem to impact puppies if interruptions to their routine are only a week or two. Most puppies do well with 3 training days a week, interspersed with two playcare days (ie Mon, Wed, Fri training days, with Tues and Thurs playcare days).

Seanm at 13 weeks

JUMPSTART Skills Your Puppy Will Learn:

  • To ring bells to potty outside
  • Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Go to Bed, Heel)
  • Lightning-fast Recall (racing back when called)
  • To sit nicely to ask for what he wants
  • To walk nicely on-leash
  • To play nicely with children and other puppies
  • To greet other dogs appropriately
  • To meet strangers politely
  • To travel to new places confidently
  • Stress-free Crate Training
  • To behave nicely in the car
  • Chew toy training for bite inhibition and to prevent destructiveness at home

Daylong Socialization helps puppies to meet and interact with all types of people and dogs so your puppy does not become fearful as an adult.

When is a good time to socialize my puppy?

Did you know that the first four months of your puppy’s life are critical to shaping his future behavior? Just like children, your puppy goes through a phase when his sociability outweighs his fear of new people, animals, and experiences. Before three months, it’s like your puppy knows no fear – he’ll be eager to explore his world and learn all he can. Our Playcare Program is also designed to provide the right blend of training play and socialization.

The best time to socialize your puppy is the moment you get him, the earlier the better. We agree with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, which says:

“The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. During this time puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli and environments as can be achieved safely and without causing overstimulation manifested as excessive fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior. For this reason, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated.”

Call 415-453-4515 or Email Us to reserve your pup’s spot in our Jumpstart Training Program.

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