Private Training Sessions

At the Hound House we work with all types of behavior challenges.   Here are just a few:

  • Excessive Barking (demand vs. protection)
  • Obsessive behaviors like Barking/Vocalization (In vehicles, at playgrounds and parks, where a dog cannot or will not stop)
  • Aggression Toward Other Dogs
  • Reactivity toward children, strangers, other dogs (Lunging and/or barking)
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Handling Issues (leashing up, sensitivity to touch, visitors, noises)
  • The Home Front: from front door mania (revving up when the doorbell rings, jumping on visitors or racing out when the door opens), counter surfing and kitchen etiquette
  • Separation Anxiety (Barking, whining, peeing, pacing, becoming destructive when you leave home)
  • Aggression directed toward you, children or family members, strangers or other dogs (snapping at the air, lunging, nipping, growling or biting)
  • Potty Training – For puppies and remedial potty training for older dogs
  • Crate Training (teaching your puppy or dog to enter and stay in his crate happily)
  • Fearful reactions and phobias – noises, strangers, moving objects like bikes, skateboards or scooters, grocery carts and more
  • Excitability or an inability to regulate energy downward

If your puppy or dog is causing damage to your home, playing roughly with your kids, growling at strangers, lunging at other dogs, guarding toys or food, or is difficult to manage you have some serious challenges ahead. The sooner you get help, the easier it’s going to be on everyone, including your dog. In fact, behavior problems are a frequent indication that your dog isn’t happy, either.

We get many calls for help after a dog has done serious damage, bitten a child, jumped on a visitor or lunged at a strange dog. In nearly every situation there were warning signs, behaviors that manifested subtly then ballooned into full fledged problems. Early intervention is always optimal but not always possible, as with a recently adopted dog. The key is to start at the first sign of a problem.

To Get Started

To inquire about our training program and to schedule a free consultation, please call us at (415) 453-4515. Additionally, please complete our behavior questionnaire. We look forward to working with you and your dog.