Welcome to the Jumpstart Puppy Training Program

Imagine life with a puppy that…

Races back when you call,
   Rings bells to potty outdoors,
      Walks on a loose leash – next to you, in a crowd,
         Greets other dogs calmly,
            Meets new people by sitting, rather than jumping.

You can have all of that, and more. Welcome to the Jumpstart Puppy Training Program™, a complete training and socialization program for puppies from 8 weeks to 9 months old.

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Please select the Jumpstart level that is right for you by clicking on your puppy’s age range below:

Jumpstart I for Young Puppies
(8 weeks to 6 months old)

Jumpstart II for Adolescent Puppies
(7 to 10 months old)

Jumpstart Puppy Training Program™ takes place at the Hound House in San Rafael and on a private ranch in Indian Valley.

Jumpstart weaves together potty training, socialization and obedience training. The program trains puppies and their loved ones, especially children, offering private sessions throughout the week and class on Saturday morning.

What Clients are Saying

“In 4 days, this dog has changed!”

“Hillary knows what makes them tick…”

““Within days he was following commands…”