Our Training Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy is grounded in state-of-the-art, research-based, non-aversive training techniques. These we combine with affection and gentle regard for each dog’s unique temperament and needs for exercise, interaction and mental stimulation. We believe that every puppy needs a trained human, so our classes include activities and instructional experiences that create informed, confident dog and puppy owners.

What People are Saying

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Jumpstart Puppy Training

Jumpstart gives your puppy a strong foundation in obedience training and social learning (socialization). This includes social skills he will need in order to participate in your everyday life.



Playcare for Puppies

Puppies are a specialty of ours at the Hound House. Our Puppy Playcare program focuses on social learning, exploration, and continued potty training, all with an emphasis on integrating new skills into everyday life.