“In 4 days this dog has changed!”

“Hillary knows what makes them tick…”

“Within days he was following commands…”

Marcia and Gabby

Monica and Gerald

Michelle and Lucy

Marcella, Chris and Carmella

Ben, Alissa and Gracie

Jared and Cooper

Laura and Hank

We love Hillary’s Hound House. Our labradoodle puppy has been attending since he was 11 weeks old (he is now 10 months old) – he went through the Jumpstart program initially and now drops in for puppy playcare (and is super-excited to go there, every time). We came to the Hound House on a recommendation from a friend and are so happy we did. Although both my husband and I grew up around dogs, this has been our first experience of puppy parenting and the support and guidance we have received from Hillary, her team, and the other Hound House families continues to be invaluable. Hillary’s approach of training the dog and then their humans is fantastic – we attended all of her Saturday human-training classes as a family which meant that we all learnt the same things and could be consistent in reinforcing the training at home. Within a couple of weeks of starting the Jumpstart program, our pup was fully potty trained and had mastered recall. The value of the recall training was very clearly demonstrated to us after a backyard escape bid – after a moment of panicked looking up and down the street to see if I could spot our daring escapee, I tried calling him and he came sprinting right back to me. Hillary and her team are caring, patient and really committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment for dogs – they clearly love our dog and he loves them. I would definitely recommend Hillary’s Hound House to anyone with a new puppy.

Abigail Hunt

Our Rose is evolving into a good, little global citizen, aware of herself and others and often choosing the “right” sought after option. Your program(s) helped transform this unruly new puppy to this marvelous being that we cannot imagine living life without her presence. The early reminders, “that’s not it” and “you can do it” gave us a feeling that there was a future with this little one. Your work has contributed to the  transformation of our Rose and as you continue on your days of reflection, think of how many others there are who have had the same experience and are now enjoying their lives with their transformed doggies! We are eternally grateful to you and your team.

Fran, Denise and Rose LePage

We’ve loved having Luna work with you and your terrific team! I think she’s off to a great start and now it’s up to John and I to continue to reinforce what she’s learned. I’m going to (continue to) tell all my friends about your service.  Loved it!

Jill Kinney

Tiburon, CA

A friend recommended Hillary’s Hound House and I’m so thankful she did! Ozzie, our mini Aussie Shepard, was 6 months when we first brought him in- he had some prior training but needed more. Both my husband and I work and we realized that Ozzie needed more interaction and he needed to be “put to work”. I spoke with Hillary on the phone first and her caring tone, calm energy and experience came through on the phone. And then when I met her and her team, I knew we made the right decision. Hillary and her incredible team have helped Ozzie with recall, potty training, socialization, establishing good habits and more. Hillary is truly The Dog Whisperer and makes things easy to carry on at home too. Ozzie graduated from the Jumpstart program- it works!!  Ozzie is now moving on to “Recall with Distractions”. We’re so thankful for Hillary and her team!

Julie Houtkooper

I signed my puppy “Earnest” up for Hillary’s “Jumpstart Puppy” program and it was absolutely the best thing I could’ve done,  both for Earnest and for me.  Hillary and her team worked with Earnest and taught him all of the basic good dog behaviors we all hope to see, and best of all, Earnest learned to ring a bell at the door to tell me he had to go potty.  Believe me, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!  Also, Hillary worked with me, coaching me on how to give Earnest clear instructions and reward him for his efforts.  

After the program, I continue to bring Earnest to the Hound House for socialization, and to enjoy the daily romps at Hillary’s lovely ranch in Novato.  Earnest always comes home quite happy and ready for a quiet evening.  
Hillary has helped us to transition a new member of the family into our routines, and a loving relationship with Earnest is a great reward for everyone’s efforts.  We next plan to attend Grad School…can’t wait!

Sandy Lelich

Major foot surgery + 10 month-old puppy = dilemma.  How can this little Pom get the exercise and socialization she needs when mama can’t even walk?  The answer – Hillary’s Hound House, where little feisty fur ball spent 5 days a week for my months of recovery.  A beautiful, well-kept environment for dogs to play but – it gets better.  Most days, the doggies are piled into a van or two and driven out to a ranch in Novato, where they get to run in fresh air (and training too, if that’s your need).  A quality place, full of positive and knowledgeable employees, run by an owner who is a class act.  Whatever your dog needs, there isn’t a better place.

Jacqueline Zambrano

First of all, we are veteran dog owners! In the past we’ve tried different trainers, with mixed if not mediocre results…The smartest thing we’ve ever done is enroll our 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy with Hillary! While training Rascal, she gave us invaluable tips and tools that we’ve applied successfully at home. He responded to Hillary and her dedicated staff immediately and positively. His socialization with other puppies has been stimulating, fun and a great learning experience…

Thank you Hillary, from all three of us…

Gail, Phil and Rascal Towle

Hillary went to great lengths to not only help me choose my pet, she and her staff worked with my 10 week old Golden Doodle puppy,Ella in the Hound House Jump Start Program.  The trainers are graduates of one of the most accredited Canine Training programs in the US.

After 2 weeks, my highly intelligent, highly curious Goldendoodle puppy had mastered many of the most important behaviors needed to socialize and train her to be the perfect addition to our family.  Hillary and her team use positive reinforcement and the word “NO” was never spoken to any dog… or human.

The Hound House Client services are exceptional and I highly recommend her training and day care programs.  I chose Hillary because my breeder, Carina Guilroy of God’s Glory Farm has worked with Hillary since…. forever and HIllary also trained my sister’s dog, Bailey.  Bailey is the most well behaved dog that I have ever encountered.  To meet Bailey is to love Bailey.

I can recommend, without reservation, Hillary’s Hound House to help you and your dog enjoy the most of your time together.

You’ll find Ella’s training videos in our Facebook page.

Lori Klimach

Hillary’s Jumpstart Puppy Program is a 10-Day Miracle!

Other trainers fall back on the standard line: “We don’t train the dog – we train you.” Hillary’s philosophy is different. Of course she worked with us to teach us our part, but after her 10-day Jumpstart Puppy program, our puppy Champ came home having mastered crate training, potty training, socializing, come, sit, stay, and come when we call you by name. It would have taken us a lot longer to get the same results. I’m glad I listed to my friends’ recommendation.

Chris Michaels, New Jersey

We Knew We Needed Help Training Our New Puppy, and Wanted to Get Off on the Right Foot. The Jumpstart Puppy Program Worked Great!

We brought our dog, Snickers, to Hillary’s Hounds for puppy training after I saw her vehicle while I was out running errands. From the first call onward, I was impressed by Hillary’s professionalism and commitment to her clients. She was involved in training our puppy and would even come over to help if we ever struggled practicing what he’d learned in the program. When Snickers boards with Hillary, we can relax knowing he’s happy and that his training is being reinforced. That continuity is very important. I’ve already recommend Hillary’s Hounds to a couple of friends.

Leigh Oshirak, Tiburon