Hi, I’m Hillary.

Welcome to the Jumpstart Puppy Program® at Hillary’s Hound House.

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Two Great Ways to Jumpstart Your Puppy

Jumpstart for Your Puppy

A Daylong School for Puppies


Imagine a Daylong School where your puppy can;

  • Be potty trained,
  • Ring bells to tell you he needs to go out,
  • Learn Sit, Down, Go to Bed,
  • Race back at top speed when you call,
  • Walk nicely on-leash,
  • Greet other puppies and dogs politely,
  • Grow confident and strong, and
  • Develop beautiful manners.

NOW IMAGINE this Program supported you and your family with a 24/7 support system, an online community, one-on-one sessions, Saturday morning class, and weekly training guides and games, right to your inbox.

Welcome to the Jumpstart Puppy Program®

Jumpstart for Puppy Parents

An Online Community

Massimo and Charlie

Raising a Puppy Takes a Village.

Raising, training, and socializing a puppy means getting him outside and carefully showing him how life works. To get the best results, you need support, information, and answers to your questions. 

Welcome to Ours.

When you enroll your puppy in the Jumpstart Program, you join a supportive community of Jumpstart families. You'll also gain 24/7 access to;

  • Weekly Jumpstart Training Guides - right to your inbox,
  • A member's-only online community with video demonstrations from the Jumpstart Nursery, and
  • Answers to your questions via LIVE Q&A Sessions.

What People are Saying

"In 4 days this dog has changed!"

“Hillary knows what makes them tick…”

“Within days he was following commands…”

Hillary's Story

Twenty years ago I fell in love at first sight. It started with a photo in my inbox that led to a flight, that led to a journey I could not have prepared for nor anticipated. But there I was two days later in Shreveport, Louisiana, picking up a gorgeous 8 week old Australian Shepherd puppy named Stevie.

I’d just accepted a new job in LA and I didn't know better. What lay in store were long hours and a lot of work to raise money for a nonprofit group home for teens. It was not the best time for a new puppy.