Our Team

Our Team

Hillary Alexander has trained puppies and dogs for nearly 30 years in basic obedience and agility. She is an accomplished equestrienne and rode competitively for over 35 years in hunt seat and dressage. She also has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and her role as a Marriage and Family Therapist has enabled her to work equally well with dogs and their humans helping each to understand the needs of the other and to communicate in ways that build trust and strengthen bonds.

Read “The Jumpstart Story” in the blog to learn what inspired the start of our programs.

Kayla West has been with the Jumpstart Program for over a year as Assistant Trainer and more recently, as Operations Manager. Endless patience and kindness characterize her approach to training. Equally important, she always seems to know where the van keys are.

Hillary’s Hound House Mission and Training Philosophy

Our Mission is to train the companion of a lifetime, and to support that training with superb care and programs that enrich the lives of dogs and the people who love them.

Our Training Philosophy is grounded in state-of-the-art, research-based, non-aversive training techniques. These we combine with affection and gentle regard for each dog’s unique temperament and needs for exercise, interaction and mental stimulation. We believe that every puppy needs a trained human, so all of our classes and training programs include activities and instructional experiences that create informed, confident dog and puppy owners.

“Hillary is truly The Dog Whisperer and makes things easy to carry on at home too. Ozzie graduated from the Jumpstart program- it works!!” ~ Julie Houtkooper
“Hillary’s approach of training the dog and then their humans is fantastic…Hillary and her team are caring, patient and really committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment for dogs – they clearly love our dog and he loves them.” ~ Abigail Hunt
“The smartest thing we’ve ever done is enroll our 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy with Hillary! He responded to Hillary and her dedicated staff immediately and positively.” ~ Gail, Phill and Rascal Towle
“From the first call onward, I was impressed by Hillary’s professionalism and commitment to her clients…When Snickers boards with Hillary, we can relax knowing he’s happy and that his training is being reinforced. “ ~ Leigh Oshirak